quiet lightning instrumentation and credits

Miles Karp: bass, beats, vocal arrangements, synth, guitar

Tom Martinson Basses, Ernie Ball Musician Sterling HS, Phil Jones Bass BG-300 and Phil Jones DI, EV RE20 microphone, Moogerfooger Mf-101 Lo Pass filter, Moogerfooger Mf-103 12 stage phaser, Moogerfooger Mf-104Z analog delay, tc electronic Ditto Looper X2

Evan Karp: kalimba, vocal arrangements, synthesizer, beats

Hugh Tracey Kalimbas, Boss RC-300, Boss RC-505, Roland TR-8, Roland VT-3, Moog Sub Phatty, Sennheiser E838


mixed by Jay Rodgers @ Full Moon Studio

mastered by Joel Hatstat Audio

bass wings by Ryan “Lampty” Lanthier