Eric Kurhi

Eric Kurhi is a veteran journalist who once aspired to be an angry-yet-admired young writer but is now in the midst of a midlife crisis — more paunchy than punchy, more bald than bold. He now aspires to one day be an angry-yet-admired old man who sometimes scribbles out a tasty dose of inspiring vitriol. An East Bay native, Eric lives in Alameda with his wife and dog in a home that’s possibly haunted by the remnants of autoerotic asphyxiation gone horribly wrong. He recently shifted career paths when he left the Bay Area News Group in late 2017 but is proud to have been part of the determined and scrappy crew of reporters who won a Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News category for their coverage of the horrific Ghost Ship fire.



Eric is on the bonus track, out of it by the chorus: